Rough sleepers under a bridge, Rome, March 2017

Rough sleepers under a bridge, Rome, March 2017. From my project Through The Eye of a Needle

In March 2017 I travelled in Rome, Italy, simply for a holiday, but arrived to find an astonishingly distasteful contrast between the ostentatious wealth of the Catholic Church and much of the rest of the city and its inhabitants.

Though I am not personally religious, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, holding excessive wealth is a sin, and yet whilst the Church stockpiled its SWAG (Silver, Wine, Art & Gold), Rome was, in places, dirty and crumbling, and many people slept rough on the streets, under bridges or in parks.

The light in Rome was beautiful, alternating between soft, diffuse light and brilliant directional light, that would flicker through the gaps in buildings as we walked through the city. There was a sad dichotomy between the grand beauty of the light and the inequality that was so visible throughout the city.

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